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When you are looking for an online UX survey tool, you’ll probably stumble upon an impressive amount of softwares. It might be hard to choose, especially if you are a beginner, that’s why I prepared this list of best UX survey tools.

I did my research and gathered 6 most popular online softwares for creating a UX research survey. They are all different in a way even though they focus on the same method.
Read my reviews and choose the one that suits you the best, good luck!

best ux survey tools


A next-gen user research platform that has a great UX survey tool, besides all the other testing features they offer. 

UXtweak is my absolute favorite as it has all the functionalities you need to create an insightful survey. It’s super easy to set up, very simple in use and took me literally 3 minutes to create a survey. Moreover, the UI is very intuitive – a great choice even for a complete beginner. I was pleasantly surprised with their analytics. Very detailed, with lots of graphs and visuals that are also easy to analyze. 

Pricing: A free plan for small projects. Pro plan starts from 70€/per month, depending on the number of users. Customized pricing available.

Survey Monkey

Another popular platform used for creating UX surveys. 

Easy to use, but has a little less intuitive UI so the set up can take some time. Survey Monkey also offers templates. Their free plan is, however, very limited and doesn’t allow any customization or data export. 

Pricing: €30 / user / month for a standard plan. Pro is €75/month.


An oldie that offers market research and feedback gathering tools. Also known a couple years ago as SurveyGizmo.

They support tons of languages which is a great advantage. Alchemer is not as easy to use and some users claim it to be quite hard to understand especially if you are a beginner at research. They have great analytics but only in Pro plan and some say they lack customization. 

Pricing: basic plan starts from 49$/month. Pro plan is 149$.


A very stylish choice, this platform is unique for their survey designs. The functionalities, however, are quite limited as well as their reports. Some users say “there are serious limitations on the accessibility front”. A great advantage of Typeform is that you can connect the gathered data to apps like Slack, Google Sheets, Zapier etc.

If you are looking for a basic but cute survey with some simple questions, Typeform is one of the options.

Pricing: Their plans start from 21€ and go up to 75€

Google Forms

As always Google provides us with a great spectrum of tools for any needs, surveys included.

They offer unlimited questions, respondents and surveys which is a great bonus. However, we can’t compare Forms to some other UX survey specialized platforms. It’s a great tool to gather data, but with analysis and reports you’d have to rely on some other tools. Good choice when you need to gather some basic data, but with UX research surveys, I’d rather go with a specialized tool.

Pricing: free.


Qualaroo offers some nice templates for gathering user feedback and is one of the top choices in the industry when it comes to questionnaires.

Their UI could use some improvements, it’s hard to navigate and it’s just a lot of everything going on. They also lack customization variety and analytics depth. But other than that, it can help you gather some pretty good insights on your website users.

Pricing: Basic – 80$/month, Enterprise is 160$

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